Archives for August 7, 2013

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Have you ever tried to hit or catch a ball with your eyes closed? How’d that work out for you? Any serious ballplayer will tell that you must keep your eye on the ball. Why? Because when your eyes are on the ball, so is your bat. Physics, psychology and physiology all work together to line you and the ball up to make that connection. Just for fun, try this little test. Line yourself up with a … [Read more...]

Who has Your Life Caused You to Become?

As we move about in our day-to day-lives, observing and participating, we are constantly coming to conclusions about what our preferences are right now – what we like and what we don’t like – what we want and what we don’t want. When we are unhappy we want to be happy, when we don’t have enough money we want more money, when we are sick we want to be well, when we are unhappy in a job or with a … [Read more...]

Are You Taking a Daily Dose of Poison?

While driving to visit friends some time ago, I listened to a radio interview of Malachy McCourt and was deeply struck by his response to the interviewer’s question on his view of resentment. The interviewer noted that he did not appear to hold resentment towards others from his past or for difficult things that had happened to him throughout the course of his life. His response was that … [Read more...]

What Nut Are You Holding Onto?

What Nut Are You Holding Onto? At one time in the region that is now the Congo, the indigenous community hunted monkeys by attracting them to their irresistible favorite food, the nut. They put a nut in a gourd and carved a hole the size of a monkey’s hand in the side of the gourd. The hole was just large enough for the monkey to slip his hand through the hole to get to nut. But when the monkey … [Read more...]