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“I was faced with a life threatening illness and you helped me to see my life beyond the fatigue and the fear and everything that was happening to my body. You helped me know that that my life wasn’t just about cancer.”

B. Tenn
New York, NY

When I was experiencing a most challenging time, going through a divorce, feeling unsure of everything yet wanting to trust that little voice within me that was calling me towards something new, you helped me to hear and embrace that inner calling, and gave me support to push past my fear and step into my life in a whole new way.”

New York, NY

“I began my coaching experience with a goal to transcribe my journal from a very important period of my life, just for me. I thought coaching would just help me stay on track with my goal. What I discovered was that it was so much more. In fact, through the coaching I reconnected with a part of me that I'd forgotten. I discovered the writer within and the message I needed to communicate to the world. I found my inner alignment and inside of 11 months I had a co-author, a publisher and I had written and published my first book! I know in my heart that this one is just the beginning!

S. Tolmie
Old Greenwich, CT