Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Have you ever tried to hit or catch a ball with your eyes closed? How’d that work out for you? Any serious ballplayer will tell that you must keep your eye on the ball. Why? Because when your eyes are on the ball, so is your bat. Physics, psychology and physiology all work together to line you and the ball up to make that connection.

Just for fun, try this little test. Line yourself up with a fixed point right where you are (like a picture on the wall or a doorway) and then identify another fixed point (marker) straight ahead of you that is far enough away that you would need to walk a minute or two to reach it. Now walk in a straight line towards that marker – keeping your head and eyes focused directly forward on the marker. Stop, notice where you are in relationship to the starting point and the end point. Now begin to walk towards that end point again, but this time turn your head all the way to the right and focus on something over there on the right. Really focus over there while you’re walking. Then stop. Now notice where are you in relationship to the end point? What are you lined up with now?

If you’re like most people – you will be somewhere between 30° and 90° to the right of the original end point. Why, because we literally tend to move towards what we are focused on. Well, of course, you might be saying – that’s not news.

The good news is – that it’s not news to you. The question is, are you paying attention to that simple fact? If you’re not, the bad news is you’re not lining up with the “ball” – or all the great things that you want to rendezvous with in your life. You are lining up with something, but probably not what you want!

It’s called the ’Law of Attraction’ and it’s a very simple universal principle that says everything draws to itself that which is like itself. You are like a living magnet. You move yourself towards and draw to yourself what you are focused on, whether it is wanted or unwanted. In this metaphor, your “eyes” are your mental point of focus and the “ball” is whatever you are focused on.

So where are you focused right now? Is it on what you don’t like about your job or your partner or where you are living, or how you look or feel or your bank statement? Or is it on what you want to create in your life – the people, health, wealth, or home you see for yourself? Are you focused on all the reasons why you can’t get from where you are to where you want to be? Are you stuck in the “good things only happen for other people” and “nothing ever changes for me” sand trap?

Well, you are not the one exception in the universe to the law of attraction! And that’s good news. Life is changing for you – if you’re seeing the same unwanted thing continuously – it’s just that you’re creating it over and over again – and getting very good at it!

You see, the Law of Attraction is neutral – like the law of gravity. Can you imagine gravity contemplating whether it’s better to keep you grounded on the earth or to let you float away into the astrosphere; or feeling guilty if you trip, fall to the ground and hurt yourself? Of course not! And the Law of Attraction doesn’t make a judgment about whether you draw to yourself what you don’t want or what you do want.

Are you ready to live consciously and create what you want? Try this little game. Pick something inconsequential to you but also outside of your ordinary experience, something you don’t see, or come into contact with everyday (for example, a city dweller in the middle of winter might pick ‘hummingbirds’). Think about whatever it is that you have chosen for the next week and notice whenever it shows up in some way in your life. At the end of the week tally up how many time it showed up in some way and now notice how you created that experience simply by your point of focus. Congratulate yourself for being such a brilliant creator!

Oh, “but that wasn’t anything important” you say….Well, are you ready to begin creating what is really important? Click here to move your life forward right now.

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