What Nut Are You Holding Onto?

What Nut Are You Holding Onto?

At one time in the region that is now the Congo, the indigenous community hunted monkeys by attracting them to their irresistible favorite food, the nut. They put a nut in a gourd and carved a hole the size of a monkey’s hand in the side of the gourd. The hole was just large enough for the monkey to slip his hand through the hole to get to nut. But when the monkey grabbed the nut and held it fast in its fist, it could not remove its fist through the hole. What made this a sure-fire method for catching the monkey was that no matter what happened, the monkey just would not let go of that nut! All the monkey had to do was to let go of the nut to slip his hand back out of the gourd and climb to safety in the treetops – but those monkeys simply would not let go!

What “nut” are you holding on to? Is there an old pattern of belief that you are clinging onto that says you don’t deserve, or they won’t let you? What story do you keep telling yourself about why you can’t be the person you want to be or achieve the dreams you hold in your heart? What’s the little voice in the back of your head that tells you “don’t let go”?

What’s the price you’re paying for holding onto that nut? Is it a new job, a promotion, a new career path, a partner, a new home, living your passion – living a more fulfilling life? One thing that is sure, when you resist being the person your life has caused you to become, you are out of sync with yourself and you tear yourself apart.

How do you know if you are holding onto an old nut that causes you to be out of sync with the you that you have become or want to become? You know by the way you feel! Cranky, ornery, bored, disinterested, restless, unhappy…..You have a wonderful guidance system that is your emotions!

What would your life be like if you just let go of that nut? What might be available to you if you just let go of the nut you’re holding onto? Are you willing to be fully and truly who you are right now?

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