Coaching Services

Wellness Coaching is about making lasting lifestyle change whether it relates to stress management, life/work balance, movement, nutrition or thriving with a health challenge. 
All Health & Wellness Coaching Services Integrate                
•  The Co-Active Coach® model Read More
•  The Wellness  Mapping 360° ™ Methodology.  Read More
Services & Options

Individual Coaching:  One–on-one individualized coaching by phone or in person for 3 months or more with a specific focus on one or more dimensions of wellness. We begin with an initial assessment where together we determine where you are right now , what will keep you going when the going gets tough, and how best to coach you. Coaching sessions focus on action taken, breaking through barriers, self-discovery and learning from trial and error; providing accountability and support ; and preparing you for continuing on your own.

 Group Coaching: 3-12 clients meeting with a focus on health and wellness goals. The duration, frequency and focus of the group may vary from 4 weeks to 6 months, with weekly, semi-monthly or monthly meetings.

 The Wellness Inventory: an optional multi-feature on-line tool to assist you in identifying what areas you are not satisfied with and of those, which ones you are ready to take on.  It is easy and fun to use. It guides you through 12 dimensions or focal areas of life. Once completed you and coach can share the survey results and use them as a guide in creating your plan.  Once purchased it is yours to use for 12 months.logo-wellness



EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique:  One or two sessions may be offered as an adjunct to the coaching experience. EFT may be effective in helping a client move past a block that is keeping them from taking action and moving forward. It is not a substitute for therapy. Read More

Mentor Coaching 

Individual and group mentor coaching to assist coaches design and grow their coaching practice; design group wellness coaching programs and get support as a group or individual coach. Annalise is an ICF Mentor Coach.

Coaching for Wellness Coaches & New Coaches

For Health Care/Related Field Professionals such as nurses, health educators, nutritionists, body workers, this will help you to integrate more coach-like  inter-active listening and communication skills into your area of professional expertise and  to take your practice beyond medical  expertise to a more co-active relationship with your patients and clients.

For New Coaches who are becoming coaches and health/wellness coaches who may wear 2 hats (Health/Wellness Coach and Health Care professional) and who do not have other coach specific training/certification. Coaching serves to deepen and solidify the coaching skills

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