Is Coaching for You?

It is if you believe that a change in your lifestyle will truly enhance your life,  but on your own…
  • You’ve tried and failed – maybe many times
  • You’ve been thinking about it – maybe for a very long time – but can’t quite get there
  • It just feels too big and too overwhelming
  • You don’t know where to start
  • You’re afraid that you will have to give up all the things you love
What Co-Active® Coaching Will Give You

Imagine talking with someone whose agenda is your agenda and who comes equipped with tools that help you take stock of what you want to create in your life and effective methods for successful and sustainable change.  Imagine a relationship that is entirely focused on getting the results that you want.  Imagine actualizing the results you want!

The Co-Active relationship is an alliance that you co-design, with your coach. Together you create the plan, assess and evaluate the plan and how the coaching is going, and redesign to provide you with the richest possible coaching experience.

Co-Active Coaching is not just about solving problems, although problems will be solved. It is not just about improving performance, attaining goals, or achieving results – although all of that will certainly happen. Co-Active Coaches believe that coaching is chiefly about discovery, awareness and choice.  It is about empowering you to find your own answers, working with you along the path to create what you have chosen, help you to stay on the path as you make important choices and achieve the outcomes you desire.

What the Real Balance 360°™ Mapping Methodology Will Give You & How It Is Different than Others Methods 

The Real Balance approach is an evidence based methodology that incorporates the science of behavioral change with positive psychology. Together we explore your vision for yourself,  your strengths, what motivates you and how best to coach you. You identify what area you want to focus on. We identify your readiness for change and based on that we co-create a realistic plan with specific and measurable goals and actions steps. We define a failure proof structure of tracking and accountability. And as you move forward with your customized plan, we explore challenges, strategies, and adjust as required along the way.  While incorporating the Co-Active Coaching model the  Real Balance Method includes a 5 stage process:

  1. Assessment & Exploration
  2. Your Personalized Wellness Map (Plan)
  3. Accountability & Support
  4. On-Going Evaluation
  5. Measurable Outcomes
What Makes the Model Different

One the biggest differences between the Real Balance model and other health and wellness coaching methods is the integration of the ‘readiness for change’ transtheoretical model developed by James Prochaska over 40 years of researching how people change and what stages they go through along the way. And despite all the research and evidence behind what is now known about changing  habits and patterns – today 80% of wellness programs  are designed for 20% of people. Most programs assume that you are ready to jump right into change and there is little if any focus on preparation.  No wonder so many people fail!

In fact many more people are thinking about change than are ready to jump right in – its the place we all begin. More people need to move through ‘thinking about it’ and making the shift to ‘why I want to’ from ‘why I don’t want to’ (contemplation), and then into ‘what do I need to do to be ready’ (preparation) before they begin to move into creating new behaviors and new habits. The Real Balance model begins the coaching process at whatever stage of readiness you are. We co-create a plan for you at that stage of change – so that you set a solid foundation as we move along the spectrum of readiness and into new habits. We also know that change is more of a spiral process than a linear one – meaning that most people do not go from deciding to create a new habit or lifestyle behavior to having it become a fully integrated part of their lives without some ‘stop and start’, falling off the wagon and discovery process.  

The Real Balance method also incorporates an understanding of the  neuroscience of change.  Behavioral change is not all about will power and character. In fact they play a far less significant role than most think. When we make behavior change we also create new neuro pathways in the brain.  This takes both time and repetition and requires patience. An understanding of the neuroscience of change and where and how the difficulties can and do pop up underlies the foundation of the Real Balance  methodology and ‘coach approach’ to best support you along the way.